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For information, help and support during the ongoing Coronavirus situation in the UK, a wealth of material can be found on the Vale of Stour's Links page.  We trust and pray that these links may prove helpful, beneficial and a source of comfort for you in this uncertain time.

18/12/2020 : Christmas Carols in Local Communities

On Friday we bring the Good News and music to your Doorstep - Christmas Carols in local communities.
More information please go to facebook

17/11/2020 : Birch Coppice is open for the public to meet God in Private Prayer - every Sunday, 11:30am to 2pm

"Private Prayer or "Private Worship" means people spending time alone with God.
We welcome people to come and have a prayer 'walk' with Jesus, by the guided display, or just sit quietly listening to music. All are welcome to spend time in personal devotion, or prayers, or just have a walk and visit the building. All people are to follow the Covid-19 safeguarding regulations.

17/11/2020 : Birch Coppice & Quarry Bank Community Gathering Facebook Page is now live !

Please click on the link to come and see what we are up to !

20/11/2020 : Friday Zoom Birch Coppice Community Youth Gathering at 6pm

More details and contact information on the Birch Coppice & Quarry Bank Community Gathering Facebook Page at or in the newsletter above.